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Hey! Thank you for visiting the site! Just a few things to keep in mind now that you are thinking about becoming a reviewer.

1.  You can find books to request on the BOOKS TO READ page. 

2. THE AUTHORS are responsible for distributing copies, so upon becoming a reviewer, you AGREE to having your contact information released to the Author.

3. Please try to have your review uploaded to whatever site or platform you are comfortable uploading to within three weeks. You are not required to post to any one site or platform, so feel free to post anywhere so long as its  somewhere the review will be seen by potential readers. Also, please send the link to the review to to have it posted to the site. 

4. You will not be requested for a review if you are currently reading a book you've previously accepted.

5. All star rating are accepted, so feel free to be HONEST. 

6. If for any reason you cannot finish a book, please email No explanation needed unless you would like tips to be sent to the author. 

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