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The imagery is great in intro AND the ENTIRE book. Really could picture the gas station, Athena and the whole scene. Descriptions author utilizes are spot on! I enjoyed the humor and Athena’s sarcasm. When Athena adds the charges to the bad guys’ rap sheet-TOO FUNNY! Really gave reader a look into her sassy side. Author also relates to reader, which is not an easy chore. So that is also noteworthy. Loved how author closed a chapter with, “went to sleep wondering what would happen tomorrow.” Very familiar feeling I can relate to. There were quite a few spots in book that I felt could have either been elaborated on or omitted. Might make it easier for reader to visualize A couple are: How did Athena turn up 37 secret prison sites? And how did Athena know that girls/women were ‘counting on her?’ Might want to reconfigure that whole thought. I mean I get it-they probably were hoping/praying for intervention of some sort—-but I feel like if author were to elaborate more on that-those parts would flow smoother. All in all “Snatched” is an excellent novel with awesome “bones”. It captivated my attention so much so that I WANTED to read more. Looked forward to reading. And I can honestly say...I am eagerly awaiting the 2nd book in series.


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