This story was a well paced easy read and a page turner. It starts off with a bit of Drakonnian history with Kai as Captain of his ship which crash landed on earth after the sun burned its heat shields. Then it starts in present day with Dr. Jemma Flannigan an archeologist digging in a cave system in New Mexico well while digging she discovers a mural depicting a dragon and while working her ex husband shows up and she can’t believe that he is there to steal her research again. Then after he leaves her assistant Finn shows up and they begin to hear growling noises coming from within the cave and decide to call it quits for the night for fear of whatever is growling may attack them. But little does Jemma know that Kai who has been hibernating in his dragon form has been the one growling because her scent awoke him according to the Nocktam Jemma is his mate. When they first meet he is without any clothing and the attraction is evident to them both because of the pull the Nocktam has on them. He enters her tent to talk to her and this is when Kai tries to explain to her that she’s his mate but Jemma doesn’t believe him and then he tries to explain to her that he is an alien but you’ll need to read the book to find out how he goes about being discovered as a dragon. The story continues along with the discovery of The Orlin hovering above in the earths atmosphere and this is when the story begins to take off. Kai has to search for his crew in order to devise a plan to defeat the Orlin from invading earth. While at a diner eating Kai and Jemma and her boss David are confronted by the military government and that’s when Kai exposes himself and shifts in front of the military and begins to burn them all he then flies away with Jemma and David to find Rykal his crew member and he also finds Officer Gayle his other crew member who explains that Rykal is not in his right frame of mind. While in the cave they lose track of Jemma. Then the Military shows up again looking for Kai. Gayle finds Jemma and tries to get her away from the caves but she fears what will happen to Kai and doesn’t want him to get caught so she escapes Gayle and turns herself over to the Military who then take her to Area 51. Now you’ll need to read the book to find out what happens next. The Author did a good job with writing the descriptions of everything and I would recommend this book to fans of the Author or to fans of dragon shifter sci-fi romance. I was gifted an ARC of this book by the Author but I am voluntarily leaving my own honest opinion in this review.





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