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Annalise Storm is a spunky, cocky, defiant character. She takes things on head on, wants to make a difference in her world, and gets trampled on every time she turns around. In a world that I don't exactly understand, she is trying to do her job, but realizing that things are not as she may have believed.

Mavel is loyal, loving and entirely an enigma to both the reader and Annalise it seems. I want to see his character develop and learn what is behind his outer shell.

I don't know if it is the formatting or what, but there are many issues with extra letters being added to words, making it hard to focus on the story without getting angry having to decipher the words and sentences.

These are my honest thoughts, and have not been affected by the fact that the author was kind enough to send me a free copy of this book so that I would review it on her behalf.


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