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The Tale Of The Young Witch by Joseph Minart is a magical fantasy story expressing the use of power for good and evil purposes. Amelia can use witchcraft, but doesn't realize it until Jack points at her broom. When magic suddenly explodes in the room, it struck Amelia with a bolt of magic. She sees the Jewel of Celestia, an artifact that the Noble Wizards had created to prevent witchcraft. The following day, Amelia and Jack witness Brathon soldiers invading Coalfell. Jack runs towards his home while Amelia runs towards hers. She finds her father pinned under a burning beam. He points at a Claymore sword and dies. As Amelia mourns her father, William Sawyer enters the shop. He sends a fireball towards her but the sword saves her. William introduces himself as a Cursed Sorcerer sent to bring her to his master. When Amelia refuses, William ensnares her in iron chains. While distracted, Jack enters through a back door. He tries to save her, but to no avail. William returns and attempts to kill Jack with fireballs. Then time freezes. Thomas Maxton arrives and teleports the two teens away from Coalfell. Maxton tells Amelia that the Cursed Sorcerers are hunting her because she can find the Jewel of Celestia.

Minart broke the Tale of the Young Witch into three parts, each following the paths that Amelia, Jack, and the Cursed Sorcerer take. Amelia's dislike of using witchcraft prevents her from openly using it unless her life's in jeopardy. Kerwin takes Jack’s body over and must protect himself and Scarlett from the Cursed Sorcerers. The last part of the book shows how the actions of the Cursed Sorcerers and Amelia affected the rest of the world. I had actually found William capable of redeeming himself, but Amelia held onto her thoughts of vengeance. Her mother was beyond redemption, though. The vivid imagery that Minart eloquently wrote throughout the entire book made it easy for me to envision every moment. The plot was unpredictable all the way to the conclusion. I have nothing negative to say about this enchanting tale and believe it deserves a score of 5 stars.





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