Starvation was a difficult read for me as it dealt with eating disorders. Wes McCoy was always considered average in comparison to his older brother Jason. Jason had been accepted into Stanford on a wrestling scholarship but still encouraged Wes to try to meet his own goals. He liked drawing and spent most of his spare time filling sketchpads with his drawings. One afternoon he runs into Caila, a ballerina student. What stood out the most to him was how thin she appeared. Despite encouraging her to eat more, Caila eventually ends up in the hospital needing a liver transplant. Where the donor liver comes from devastates Wes beyond comprehension. This isn't a happy ending type of book.

It has an open ending but the way the story is unique with the before and after moments during Wes's own battle with anorexia. It is a worthwhile read for anyone that wants to see the thoughts of a high school student with an eating disorder and his coping skills.


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