Kayla Lowe's suspenseful romance novel Of Love And Deception was a great short read for me. Sarah and her cousin Addisson were entering their first year of college. Sarah was an obsessed fan of The Phantom Of The Opera and knew the entire story. She made her school profile and joined a chatroom for similar fans. One afternoon she received a message in all capital letters from someone she did not know. After several messages, Sarah decided that she liked Bruce enough to continue talking to him. As the school year went on, she found that she looked forward to talking online. Eventually, she got the courage to speak to him on the phone. They made plans to meet in August. Knowing that her parents would not approve of her decision, Sarah did not tell them about Bruce. The day comes that Bruce was going to arrive at the bus station, and she would finally meet her phantom. When she meets Bruce, she was shocked.

I love how Lowe built the suspense in the book. I looked forward to their talks just as much as the character did. Since she was there on a scholarship, I did wonder if her grades started slipping because of her lack of focus on schoolwork? It was effortless to see that Sarah was naive since she used The Phantom of The Opera as a comparison for how she decided what she wanted to do in the relationship. I look forward to the sequel as Lowe skillfully wrote the ending of this edition leaving so many questions unanswered. I have to know what becomes of Sarah's forbidden relationship with Bruce. This is definitely a 5-star book unquestionably.


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