Updated: Oct 19, 2021


Miranda Shanklin’s Prophecy is the first book in The Stregheria Series. Mira is running away from Italy to get away from her father Leo. She leaves behind her brother Max, who willingly covers for her. Upon entering Ohio, Mira has a fully furnished house that she had secretly saved her money and paid for. She was finally free to do what she wanted, when she wanted. She was also no longer going to fulfill Leo’s plans for a Prophecy. Twenty-five years later, Max arrives in Ohio after he discovers Leo had circumvented him and hired a private investigator. After Mira’s husband, Dante, leaves for work, Max enters the house and startles Mira. When she comes to, she sees Max standing over her. Then behind Max, Dante is standing with a smirk on his face. It’s time to come clean, for everyone. Max is not Mira’s brother, but her soulmate. Then Dante reveals he is a wolf shifter. Mira is a witch. Everything should be okay, except for one thing: they have a daughter, Lilly. Lilly is going to be 21 in two days, when she will undergo a convergence combining her wolf and witch bloodlines. According to the prophecy, she will be the most powerful wolf/witch ever. When they attempt to talk to Lilly about the convergence, she throws a tantrum and runs. Leo has been waiting, and he snatches her back to Italy. Now it is up to Dante, Max, and Mira to go to Italy and end Leo’s reign of terror, help Lilly through her transformation, and teach her how to use her powers; something that Mira knew she should have been teaching her daughter instead of hiding. What will happen in Italy? Does Lilly survive the convergence? Mira and Max were soulmates, but what about Mira's 23-year long marriage to Dante? Will Leo convince Lilly to use her powers for his own selfish plans? Pick up this book, and you will get more than answers to these questions. I highly recommend Prophecy to any fantasy book lover that enjoys numerous twists and suspense.





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