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Secrets and Truth by Marlene Cheng is a novel of unexpected consequences. A National Hockey League player was rushed to the emergency room with a broken leg. Dr. G treats the player, who identifies himself as Y. Two weeks later, he sends Dr. G a letter with two expensive hockey tickets and wants to thank her in person.

Dr. G was the twin sister of Venice. Growing up, the two girls were raised differently. Geneva was raised by her grandparents, while Venice stayed with their mother. However, Venice began making the trip to their grandparents' house. As they grew, obvious differences in personalities became evident. Geneva had problems memorizing formulas, while Venice could memorize anything she heard. Geneva could read well, but Venice struggled with reading. When Geneva had to take tests over anything in her medical courses that required memorizing tables, Venice would take the test for her. Geneva would do the same for Venice on anything in her law classes that required reading. After graduating from school, Venice became an affluent attorney, and Geneva became an ER doctor.

Y is elated when Geneva brings her grandfather with her to watch the hockey game. Y and Geneva are smitten with each other. However, Y is married with two daughters. They continue talking as friends when Y tells Geneva that his wife and children are moving to Vancouver to be closer to him. Geneva believes they will no longer be able to see each other.

Vencie believes in moral integrity. This makes her feel guilty as a defense attorney when she knew the client was guilty of a crime. She begins to drown her feelings in alcohol. Since Geneva and Venice live together, Geneva has noticed her sister coming home late and smelling like alcohol. When a family festive gathering happens, Venice becomes excessively inebriated. She tells Geneva she needs help. Geneva helps her go to an intensive rehab center while covering for her.

Y contacts Geneva after his family leaves him to go back to Sweden. Y and Geneva fall in love and begin spending more time together. However, when Y’s hockey season is over, he decides to return to his family in Sweden. Two weeks after he left, Geneva discovered she was pregnant with Y’s child. Venice has come home and has a steady relationship with a former friend, Cloud. Venice, knowing the legal custody laws, has Geneva sign documents to ensure the safety of her baby. Geneva refuses to reveal the identity of the father.

However, this is just the beginning of the many secrets that begin to form and the twisted path each person will follow. I found the entire story intriguing, and while the ending wasn’t what I pictured it would be, I was glued to each page without fail. Venice’s addiction issue, the mental health of both women, Y’s mental health, and Cloud’s mission in life caused an unpredictable but realistically portrayed romance story. I highly recommend reading Secrets and Truth.





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