Steven Roth's book Evolutions Magnum Opus is everything a suspense psychological thriller could ever be. Robert Hiller is on trial for molesting Tommy Henderson. All circumstantial evidence could send Hiller to prison. Linda Henderson had practiced with Tommy to make sure he was confident in his answers. When the 10 year old boy takes the stand, his story of what Hiller had done to him was horrific. Assistant Distrivt Attorney Sussman was certain that he had the win. Lester Mobey had already found his wild card. After having Tommy answer easy questions that put the boy at ease he asked Tommy "Did you know it was wrong?" Tommy gave the rehearsed answer. Then Mobey brought forward a record that proved that the answer given was a lie. Confused, Tommy looked to his mother for help but found none. After stumbling over his answers, Tommy admitted to lying. Hiller was acquitted. Unfortunately, Sussman, Linda, and Tommy were left with guilty feelings from failing. Hiller, despite the acquittal, still faced the world believing he was a pedophile. 3 months later, he was dead from suicide. Upon learning that Hiller was dead, Tommy becomes withdrawn and Linda fails to care for herself and Tommy. When Tommy turns 16, he no longer attended school, spent most of his time drinking and running with a bad crowd, and Linda continued to not notice. One morning an angry Tommy decides he had to leave. Packing a bag, he pulls out a note hidden in his dresser. That fateful day, Tommy walked out of apartment and boarded a bus, hoping that he would find what he was looking for by following what the note instructed. Does Linda find her son? Does Sussmann redeem his failure in court? Where is Tommy going? Read the book to find out.


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