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This is book 3 and honestly this was the 1st book that I across in the Hawthorne University Series as an ARC copy. The author was amazing and on request sent me the 1st two books as well so that I could review all 3 of them. The best parts of the book were: 1. Can be read as a standalone if you're the kinds who doesn't mind missing the background. 2. The plots & sub-plots are beautifully interwoven The bad parts: 1. Katies frustrates me to the hilt, there are times that I want to shake her 2. A lot of material from books 1 & 2 are repeated 3. The book becomes predictable. Series rating would be a 4 star but Book 3 rating will not be more than a 3 star rating. Thank you Vibebookreviews and A.L.Hawke for giving me the opportunity to review this book. This is my honest feedback.


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