I love the opening line of the book. The first sentence was so well-crafted that I expected a dynamic and exciting journey.

There are places in the story where I am not sure what the author means. I was thrown out of the story when I needed to stop to look up the meanings of some of the words with non-conventional spelling, or words that had an urban more modern definition. I have a problem with authors who write about experiences that are outside of their own if they attempt to write it as if they understand what the characters are feeling within that culture.. On the other hand, I loved the interaction with Bibi. I could visualize the character. The episode with the chameleon was delightful. At the end I was sorry to see the little chameleon die. It was a great trope that the death of the chameleon was used as foreshadowing. There were very few errors in this book. I found one on page 271. An omission of a single little word in this sentence. “There’s gotta somebody in their city I can call.” It needed the word 'be'..

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