Liberty Chosen is a promising start to what is obviously planned to be a series about political machinations in America. Author Elani Roman builds her main character, named Liberty, out of the chaos of an unexplained slaughter of parishioners by an unnamed gunman. In the massacre, Liberty’s parents become the martyred heroes of the civil rights movement they led after migrating from a mythical town in England. Until their deaths they managed the campaign for Senator Sloan Baxter to become the next US President. Liberty feels obliged to take over from her parents, and despite her ambivalence about their beliefs, she takes on the campaign that successfully delivers the Presidency to Sloan Baxter. He immediately offers Liberty the position of press secretary. It quickly becomes clear President-Elect Baxter is not what he portrayed himself to be during his election campaign. Liberty is shocked by the direction he plans to take, but he shrugs off her concerns stating, now that I’m president, well, I can do what I want. I have the backing I need finally. Before the book ends, we are told about the major change new President Baxter is determined to implement and the public’s reaction to it. Liberty knows she will have to fight him if she is to make her parents’ dreams come true. She ends with, I will somehow right this wrong and continue the mission until balance is restored. There is a lot more to the story in this very short book of less than 20,000 words. Liberty has some secret powers she is unaware of but people around her will need her to embrace them if she is to win this fight. She also has a teenage daughter and an ex-husband, and a cat called Binxie. When her daughter and her ex flee to England to escape Baxter’s new edict, Liberty stays behind to fight the good fight … in the next book, I guess. An editor is acknowledged by name at the start of the book. I hope she did not charge for her services as the book I reviewed still contains spelling and grammatical errors. For example, Liberty’s mother’s name appears to change from Jean to Vera. A ballot is not the same as a ballet. There are others. I was confused by the conditions of Liberty’s trust fund. She can only receive payments from the fund if she attends counselling sessions with Dr. Oshman, also known as the guru. Her parents set up the trust fund before they were killed, which presumes they knew before they died that Liberty would have anxiety attacks and other emotional problems as a result of their death





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