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I received a copy from the author and I am voluntarily leaving a review. Bronwyn, or Bryn as she would rather be known as, lives in the town of Skeg, not far from Stonehenge. She comes from a poor family, consisting of her sick mother and her five siblings. Her father is now dead from working in the mines and her older brother Lukas follows in his footsteps.

Raven-haired and amber-eyed, malnourished due to the famine that ravages the land,she often feels guilty for not holding down a proper job like her brother wants her to. Other girls work as a seamstress but Bryn has no time for that or even the girls for that matter. She resents the expectation so she refuses leaving Lukas to be the sole coin earner as their mother wastes away. Bryn only wants to pursue her own “ career “, that of thieving. She finds it fun and exciting, a need embedded within her and in her own way she provides what she can by stealing, thus obtaining her nickname, “ The Raven Thief “. Not only is she adept at stealing, she also is the only member of her family in all its history to wield magic...although wield is a strong word as she can't yet control it nevertheless the electricity flows through her veins.But on the day that Lukas dies and Lilac her younger sister risks losing her hand, everything changes. Brother North appears as if from nowhere and whisks her away towards the Foreboding Mountains. It is for the best, she tells herself..or so she hopes. This is the first fantasy book in the Song and Storm Trilogy and I thoroughly enjoyed it, having exactly the right amount of romance, excitement and thrill all entwined together. This book has it all, wonderfully written with endearing characters. Bryn with her wild side that needs taming, not knowing what it is to have friends or be in love. She easily falls for the handsome North who she feels she can trust, after all what other choice does she have? Complete with an amazing cover ( which makes sense after reading the book ), I can't wait to read Book 2 and discover if Bryn finally learns to harness her power and become someone to be reckoned with! I note Song of Storms 5 out of 5 stars.


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