Blazing blizzards boo! Rowan unleashes one badass slam dunk with this incredible tilt-her-world, oozing all the simmering heat, flaming passion and a bubbling cauldron of molten desire, catapulting this hot little jewel to staggering heights. Temperament and ingenuity in each thread you unravel with every page, your lured into this wicked web so intricately and precise, attentive to the deadly twists and perilous turns unfolding, confiding secrets, unearthing revelations and declaring promises, wrapping this gem up sleek, shiny and tight. Shenanigans and mishaps descend in a tempest of calculating maneuvers and cunning strategy, sketchy lines and blurred perimeters solidify as limitations are amplified and tested, reaching deep for every ounce of strength in a fierce surge of determination, propelling this bad boy to life brilliantly. The attraction and chemistry collides with such intensity and ardor, exploding with boundless emotions and infinite affections, binding them to one another flawlessly. The characters are complex, genuine and realistic with traits and qualities that balance and blend, with amazing depth and diversity with enough spice to add an extra kick to the mix. The scenes are abundantly descriptive with colorful details that blend and flow, creating a majestic backdrop that's so rich and lively it feels as though you're part of the story instead of on the sidelines, feeling everything the characters feel. Fabulous job Rowan, thanks for sharing this awesome little gem with us.

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