I received an advance review copy for free, and I am leaving this review voluntarily. It was my first attempt at a novel from Elani Roman, who here is drawing a nearly brave new world, Chroma, organized by and around the Cube and the Cubist. The story describes the life of Keme and Kit his brother who share an apartment. Keme enjoys a rather busy life shared between two jobs as an enthusiast history teacher and also museum curator spending his spare time & nights in a torrid relationship with Sephrena his current girlfriend…. Nothing could be any better up to when another outrageously sexy girl or woman(?), Sara, shows up at the museum and desperately displaying her advantages hits at Kit. Things cannot get any better, but perhaps is it the best it gets before growing less idyllic. In the story the hints at the existence of magic slowly creeping in and a demon appears. I have been surprised by the relative immaturity of the male characters and the (sin provoking) women, a rather conformist if not traditionalist view of woman (Eve and the original sin). Unfortunately I have not been really caught by the twist of the appearance of a demonic spirit. I felt the novel, portrayed shallow characters with no specific tangible atmosphere to it. I would like go further with this story if not this world before really committing to a definite opinion….


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