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This book was sent to me as an Advance Reader Copy against an honest and fair review.

It was my first attempt at a novel from Ashton Winter Miles, I have to admit I am not used to reading erotic novels nor a Sexual Adventure.

It reads like a real story, portraying normal people caught, each of them in the routine of their everyday (family) life, each of them in their husband, spouse’s roles until something triggers an unexpected step out of the current flow of events.

In this case Bailey, the main character, a married woman living in Buenos Aires, while on a business assignment in New York, finds herself entering in a sex club and experiencing a sexual arousal with unknown people and feeling emotionally and physically moved by this exchange.

After her return home, the novel describes the continuous development of Bailey, AKA Sienna, along her exploration of other sex clubs, the discovery of new practices and the revelation of unsuspected body needs finding a new partner Donavan, a married man, the turmoil of positive emotions or negative when faced with the state of their respective marriage, going always further in their erotic quests.

The question is : what is each of them looking for? A new companion, an “Alter Ego” with whom to build a new and different life made of trust while being free in their social and sexual encounters. Are they not possibly expecting too much of their relation and their partners?

Then life takes its toll on their relation, wearing them out, growing in different directions and in the end apart, as it often does on everyone, with little or big treasons and lies until the ultimate feeling, is one of emptiness, loss and despair.

The book gives sometimes a graphic description of sexual intercourses with crude, although natural, anatomical details of people looking for sexual elation whatever their personal path and the means to achieve it, thus it is not to be read by all public.





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