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Casey is a self-motivated teen, who has started a lawn and garden care business during her after school and weekend hours. Her best friend Debbie is more interested in music and plays the clarinet in their school band. Debbie, who has a car, drops Casey off at the home of Laura Kincaid so Casey can attend to Laura’s lawn and flowerbeds. Laura’s son Max attends the same high school as Casey and Debbie and, like the girls, is also a junior there. Parker and Nicholas attend J.P. High as well, and are in the same year and literature class as Casey, Debbie and Max. The teens are studying Mythology, and in the next class the teacher hands out an assignment that will be completed as a group. He appoints Casey as the group leader and informs Debbie, Max, Parker and Nicholas that they will join Casey as team-mates for this project. Casey feels that she and Debbie will be doing all the work for their team. However, as they begin to organize and work through the material, the others begin to show some interest. Meanwhile, unexpected and odd things begin happening to each of the team members. Unknown at first to the teens, others are becoming aware of some of the oddities. This creates some challenges, especially when one particular person decides that the group could be useful to him. The story follows the teens as they begin to get a better understanding of their unusual talents and deal with the situations that these skills create. They are also forced to confront the man who wishes to use them and their powers for his own ends. The teens work hard to grow up quickly and develop as a cohesive unit deal so as to deal with extremely unpleasant situations. Will they survive as a team? Are they the only ones; are there others in the world with talents? Should they finish high school? I think there will be more stories to come. Although I’m an older person, I did enjoy the memories of my own teen years that the story triggered. Some of the situations in the story were very tense and may be difficult for some young adults. Then again, there is more of that online and in movies today, so perhaps it will less of a challenge than I am imagining. This is an interesting story and presents a great theme for sequels .





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