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I enjoy Christmas stories at any time of year, so this one caught my attention.

Holli Gibbons manages the delivery department of a successful, multi-generational company that grows and sells mistletoe. The company is a merger of two families and family members that show potential compete periodically for the right to be CEO. The competition is nigh and family member Holli is one of the contestants. Unfortunately, unusual events at work begin happening, taking Holli’s attention away from the competition for the next CEO. A couple of employees who deliver the mistletoe to Christmas markets are giving clients an unauthorized discount. An unknown mistletoe supplier unexpectedly shows up in the area and is threatening the Gibbons’ mistletoe clients who don’t want to abandon the Gibbons. As the family struggles to deal with a number of these puzzling events, they get word that their warehouses have been destroyed by fire. Holli has an admirer who is placed in a position to be of help to her and her family’s company. Will the Gibbon’s Mistletoe family be able to find a way to salvage this Christmas season, and their family business? Holli’s cousin Bre tells Holli that hope can often help a person find their way through life’s challenges. Will a little magic from Holli’s admirer be that hope…?


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