Updated: Mar 22, 2021


Neela finds herself entered in a tournament for unbounds. She has been entered by her brother's boss, who will be training her for the competition. Neela resists at first - she has no interest in competing in the tournament and doesn't know the man who is to be her trainer. Still, she finds herself on her way to the tournament location, accompanied by her brother and his boss. It turns out that Neela is about to learn a lot about herself, and her brother, and the man who will be her trainer. She also discovers that she doesn't know the domain she lives in as well as she thought either. Then, Neela acquires an enemy during the competition trials, which forces her to accelerate her training to a dangerous degree. I found the beginning of the story a bit hard to connect to - an arrogant teen who harasses others - although she is trying to protect fellow unbounds by doing it. But the characters develop as the story unfolds and draws the reader in, making it hard to put down. I received a copy of this book in return for a review.


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