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This was my first foray into this author's work. Crazy kinky paranormal hijinks and unreal sexscapades but this is fiction and also paranormal, so it's allowed! I had a hard time with the grammar and slang somewhat but there was an explanation or glossary of British terms in the end included for us Yanks.

Teddy is an Earth-witch with an abusive father who exiles her to a magical college in another country where she becomes entangled with three boys. One is her best friend who wants to be more, one is her new love with a dark past, and one she fights against the pull of his fae allure as she considers him the enemy and a downright bully. One or all of them could be her downfall if she's not careful. When a student is murdered, Teddy worries she could be the next victim when there's a possibility one of her boys could be the killer. Can she prove their innocence or will she die for her efforts?

I was really on the fence on this. But honestly it was a pretty good book for my intro to a new to me author. I don't stray often to authors I don't know. Also, just letting you know it ended with a cliffhanger, but man what a hook. I actually want to keep reading because I want to see Teddy kick somebody's arse into next year!


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