Are you looking for a service that will connect you to beta readers? Well, you've found the right place!

We are building a list of helpful beta readers who are always interested in reading new books. Once they sign up for our beta reader program, we send them books under their preferred genres. 

Here’s how it works:

1 – You fill out the author form and submit your title, then make the payment of $45. 
2 – An email will be sent to you, and your beta reading request will be sent to readers within 72 hours. It will also be placed on the Beta Books Page for 30 days!
3 – As soon as we have readers for your book, their information will be sent to you so that YOU can send your book files. This is so that you can have full control over how readers receive your unpublished work, and ultimately keep it safe.

4 - Readers will get 2-4 weeks to read your book. 
5 – After our beta readers complete your book, we will assemble a custom feedback form for you. This form can range in content from suggestions on plot development, grammatical errors, and much more.
6 – For this program, you will get your money back guaranteed if no readers accept your manuscript within 30 days, What you are paying for is a beta reading list of readers interested in your genre! Due to changes in peoples lives, we cannot control whether a beta reader sends in their feedback or not, but we can promise that they will be removed from the list. 



Currently building a list, purchase not yet available. 



Are you looking for NEW BOOKS TO READ!

A great way to find new books is through Beta Reading! In order to become a beta reader, fill out our beta readers form at no cost! Just tell us what books you want to read and wait for the manuscripts to come in!

Here’s how it works:

1 – You fill out the form to submit your application.
2 – An email will be sent to you confirming your application within 48 hours. 
3 – As soon as we have a manuscript ready for you, we’ll send you a request for beta reading. After you accept the request, we will send your information to the author, and THEY will send you the manuscript. You can also REQUEST to Beta Read Books on the Beta Books Page!
4 – Two weeks after you have received the manuscript, we will send you a reminder and follow-up email with a survey link. That survey will enable you to provide us with your feedback on the book. 

5 - 4 weeks after you have received the manuscript, you will receive another reminder.
5 – Once you send us your feedback, you’ll stay in our Beta Reader database and will be notified the next time a book of your liking becomes available.

6 - After a total of five weeks after receiving the manuscript, if you do no send in feedback, you will be removed from our beta readers list.


You must be a Beta Reader to request a

book from the Beta Books Page.


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