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KAYE ★★★★

Posted 02/12/21


Burning bloomers boo! Love hits the motherload unleashing one helluva tumultuous rock-her-world smackdown, raising the stakes and kicking out waves in this heart pounding, pulse racing, adrenaline pumping, block buster, propelling this jewel to staggering heights. A surging multitude of oppressive struggles and formidable triumphs ensue, as the nerve racking twists and spine tingling turns unfold, observing the riveting drama, gripping intrigue, underlying currents, spiraling suspense and intense situations merge, wrapping this gem up sleek, shiny and tight. The characters are complex, genuine and realistic with traits and qualities that balance and blend, with amazing depth and diversity and enough spice to add an extra kick to the mix. Throw in 100% on point realism, raising the stakes with such graphic scenarios that are so colorfully descriptive and vividly detailed its like you're living it with them instead of on the sidelines, feeling everything the characters feel. Fabulous job Love, thanks for sharing this awesome little gem with us.

I am voluntarily posting an honest review after reading an Advance Reader Copy of this story.


TAMARA D. ★★★★

Posted 2/16/21

Well written and thought provoking

This is not my typical read, but I found myself very drawn in to this book.

This is one of the better edited books I have read lately, though I did catch one glaring issue near the beginning of the book. I wonder how many will catch it as well.

I never read the blurb about the book, because I'd rather go into it blind. This book is full of life problems, many of which we try not to talk about daily. I have my own experiences with some of the issues brought up, and feel that the author did a very good job of dealing with them.

There are many times that you will think you have it all figured out and you will be wrong! I very much enjoyed the twists that I never saw coming.

I was given this book by the author, for an unbiased review. Thank you Mr. Roth!



 Posted 2/16/21


Steven Roth's book Evolutions Magnum Opus is everything a suspense psychological thriller could ever be. Robert Hiller is on trial for molesting Tommy Henderson. All circumstantial evidence could send Hiller to prison. Linda Henderson had practiced with Tommy to make sure he was confident in his answers. When the 10 year old boy takes the stand, his story of what Hiller had done to him was horrific. Assistant Distrivt Attorney Sussman was certain that he had the win. Lester Mobey had already found his wild card. After having Tommy answer easy questions that put the boy at ease he asked Tommy "Did you know it was wrong?" Tommy gave the rehearsed answer. Then Mobey brought forward a record that proved that the answer given was a lie. Confused, Tommy looked to his mother for help but found none. After stumbling over his answers, Tommy admitted to lying. Hiller was acquitted. Unfortunately, Sussman, Linda, and Tommy were left with guilty feelings from failing. Hiller, despite the acquittal, still faced the world believing he was a pedophile. 3 months later, he was dead from suicide. Upon learning that Hiller was dead, Tommy becomes withdrawn and Linda fails to care for herself and Tommy. When Tommy turns 16, he no longer attended school, spent most of his time drinking and running with a bad crowd, and Linda continued to not notice. One morning an angry Tommy decides he had to leave. Packing a bag, he pulls out a note hidden in his dresser. That fateful day, Tommy walked out of apartment and boarded a bus, hoping that he would find what he was looking for by following what the note instructed. Does Linda find her son? Does Sussmann redeem his failure in court? Where is Tommy going? Read the book to find out.



Posted 2/16/21


It was good. I grew to care about the characters. Romance, danger. All hints to make a good read that sucks you in.


TAMARA D. ★★★★

Posted 2/22/21


This is a beautiful story of forever. It's exactly what people want in a love story, in their story of life. To find the person that you will love more than anything, more than yourself even. It's hard to put this book down because it draws you in. This is because most of us don't find that kind of love ever, I think. What would you do for a love like that? 



Posted 2/23/21


So I was given a copy of The Land of the Phantasmal for free in exchange for an honest review.

This book is geared more to younger audiences, but I enjoy a good book as much as the next person. It starts with Sarah and her imaginary friend Tom moving to a new city. She's 12 and her parents think she is too old for an imaginary friend. She and Tom have a fight and he disappears and she finds herself in Phantasmal. She must find him and make things right!!!

I'll be honest, I knew the idea of the book, but I did NOT see where the story takes us. The land of Phantasmal and all its characters, animals are shop owners!

I enjoyed this book deeply and the ending is sweet. I know many young people... and old will enjoy taking a step into Phantasmal, I did.


DIVYA R. ★★★★

Posted 2/24/21


The author takes us on a journey of his thoughts on different bird activities. The book also describes the bird diversity in Canada and is written quite differently to the books out there. The book is an interesting read with each chapter dedicated to a different bird and the authors take on it. I received a free copy of the book and this is my voluntary and honest review.


MARIEL ★★★★★


DEBBIE O. ★★★★

Posted 2/27/21

I enjoy Christmas stories at any time of year, so this one caught my attention.

Holli Gibbons manages the delivery department of a successful, multi-generational company that grows and sells mistletoe. The company is a merger of two families and family members that show potential compete periodically for the right to be CEO. The competition is nigh and family member Holli is one of the contestants. Unfortunately, unusual events at work begin happening, taking Holli’s attention away from the competition for the next CEO. A couple of employees who deliver the mistletoe to Christmas markets are giving clients an unauthorized discount. An unknown mistletoe supplier unexpectedly shows up in the area and is threatening the Gibbons’ mistletoe clients who don’t want to abandon the Gibbons. As the family struggles to deal with a number of these puzzling events, they get word that their warehouses have been destroyed by fire. Holli has an admirer who is placed in a position to be of help to her and her family’s company. Will the Gibbon’s Mistletoe family be able to find a way to salvage this Christmas season, and their family business? Holli’s cousin Bre tells Holli that hope can often help a person find their way through life’s challenges. Will a little magic from Holli’s admirer be that hope…?


KAREN S. ★★★★

Posted 3/01/21

An angel tasked with watching over his potential soulmate. A reluctant and shy heroine who slowly lets down her guard and allows him close. There is drama, chemistry, some intrigue, and a journey towards a forever HEA. I enjoyed this engaging and entertaining romance. I voluntarily read an ARC and this is my honest review.



Posted 3/02/21


Car crash, then I am placed on the streets with a striper?! The transition from the prologue to chapter 1 was a little confusing but made more sense when I finished the book and reread the prologue and 1st two pages of chapter 1.

Even though I could not figure out where the story was going at 1st, I enjoyed the suspenseful ride. Stripers, gangsters, law enforcement, shoot outs, sex slaves, and childhood trauma, this book is filled with it and will keep you guessing most of the time you will be

Overall this was a good read. The ending pissed me off because I needed more information.  I will let you figure out why on your own. 

I received this book via Vibe Reviews and voluntarily read and reviewed this book. It is an honest review.


DEBBIE O. ★★★★★

Posted 3/08/21


A twelve year old girl named Sarah has an imaginary friend named Tom. Sarah’s parents are upset by this, feeling she is too old to still have an imaginary friend. Her parents decide to move away from the area they live in, hoping it will somehow break the tie to her friend. They want her to make real friends. Upon arrival at their new home, Sarah and Tom go off to explore and find a secret garden. While there, they have an argument. She angrily muses out loud that maybe she is too old for an imaginary friend, at which point, Tom disappears.

Sarah now regrets her reaction and decides she must try to find a way to bring him back. Being hungry, she sets off for her new home for dinner, but never reaches her house. Instead, she comes to a town. Sarah thinks that here she will get directions back to her new house, but instead learns that she is in the Land of the Phantasmal. She decides that Tom must be here somewhere and renews her determination to find him. Sarah is befriended by Elphi who agrees that she will help Sarah. Sarah encounters the truly frightening Night Terrors and in trying to escape, Sarah falls down a deep hole and emerges in another place, where she meets the man and woman in the truck whom she first met while wandering her way towards the town.

They tell Sarah to come with them as they drive around the Land of the Phantasmal, selling their delicious baked goods. They can keep an eye open for Tom as they do. In return, they ask that Sarah help them with their business. Sarah agrees, and off they go.

During her travels, she comes to learn unexpected things about herself and about the Land of the Phantasmal. Will she ever find Tom? Will he want to return with her to the world of humans? Will she want to go back herself, as she discovers she enjoys living where she is….
The story has some surprising twists and turns as Sarah eventually discovers that home is wherever your heart is.

A side note is that the author provided a copy of this book for me to review. It's an honest review - as an older adult, I thoroughly enjoyed it. I think it would be suitable for younger children too, but the night terror descriptions might bother a child with an active imagination; read it first if your child falls into this category.


TAMARA D. ★★★★★

Posted 3/8/21


I have a love/hate relationship with this book.... As a mother of a daughter this age, who has herself just gone off to post-secondary schooling, this book scares the hell out of me, and it pisses me off to no end. I couldn't stop reading it however, even though it stressed me out to go to the next paragraph, let alone the next chapter. I kept waiting for the 'bogeyman' to show himself (by this I mean the monster that every parent has nightmares about when it comes to their teenage daughters, in the form of Bruce, the old man who pretends to be 30 in the beginning).

I don't know if I will ever read the rest of the books in this series, or if I will try and leave it in the past, because my mind has played out so many different scenarios as to the ultimate end of this whole situation and I'm not sure how I would take any of them.

I've never wanted to strangle an author so badly, or ask her what she was thinking when writing a book, and still want to ask her where she is taking the story in the next book!

Kayla Lowe is very good at getting the readers attention and holding it through every word she writes. She makes it very real through her descriptions of every little detail. You can picture the people, the places, and feel all the feelings.

I would recommend this book, especially to 16/17 year old girls, to give them a reason to not get drawn into the world of internet chatting with strangers!

I was given this book by the author and asked to write an unbiased review, which I think I have done here.


DEBBIE O. ★★★★★

Posted 3/08/21  

Hadley Lockett is in partnership with her friend Molly Greyson. They work on houses that owners want restored, helping to renew the interior design while they restore the house. They both adore historic houses.

Aaron Kingsley works for his father in their family’s financial business. It’s been passed on from Aaron’s grandfather to his father. Aaron is next in line and works hard to help the company be a success.

Aaron owns an historical house and asks Hadley if her Company would be willing to work on the restoration of it. Hadley and Molly agree. Although Hadley and Aaron are drawn to one another, each has reasons to resist the attraction. Then strange gifts of flowers begin showing up for Hadley. Busy with the wonderful house she and Molly are restoring, she pays the flowers little heed until the same flowers are found in Aaron’s car when it gets broken into. Meanwhile, back at the house, a pipe bursts, a part of a roof caves in and a brick gets thrown through a window. Things are starting to get threatening.

This story is a mystery romance, or maybe a romantic mystery and it has some surprises. While I was rooting for Hadley and Aaron to fall in love, I wasn’t sure it was going to happen. It took me until almost the end of the story before I began to suspect how the mystery would be solved. I had a hard time putting it down and finished it over the course of one day – even reading it while I was making supper. I’m glad that supper was something that mostly just needed stirring after the initial prep, lol!

There are a number of interesting characters in this book that add to the enjoyment. They play off against each other in interesting ways, even as the suspense of the mystery builds. An enjoyable read.



Posted 3/12/21


This is book 3 and honestly this was the 1st book that I across in the Hawthorne University Series as an ARC copy. The author was amazing and on request sent me the 1st two books as well so that I could review all 3 of them. The best parts of the book were: 1. Can be read as a standalone if you're the kinds who doesn't mind missing the background. 2. The plots & sub-plots are beautifully interwoven The bad parts: 1. Katies frustrates me to the hilt, there are times that I want to shake her 2. A lot of material from books 1 & 2 are repeated 3. The book becomes predictable. Series rating would be a 4 star but Book 3 rating will not be more than a 3 star rating. Thank you Vibebookreviews and A.L.Hawke for giving me the opportunity to review this book. This is my honest feedback.


SHWETA A. ★★★★

Posted 3/12/21

Book 1 of the series, starts slowly. Very slow paced, with a philosophical touch, this book creates the background for the upcoming series. This is the 1st book of A. L. Hawke that I've read and because this is the 1st in series, I'm going to go ahead with book 2, as I believe that this series has a lot of potential.


SHWETA A. ★★★★

Posted 3/12/21


Book 2 is by far the best in the series. It has enough of background information that it can be read as a standalone instead of as a series. The book is medium paced and well connected. Thank you Vibebookreviews for this ARC copy. This review is my unbiased opinion about the book.


DEBBIE O. ★★★★★

Posted 3/15/21

This is the first time I have read a book by Kayla Lowe. But I can guarantee it won't be the last. This book had me on the edge of my seat coming up with different scenarios. Extremely well written, this book will leave you anxiously awaiting the next installment. I highly recommend this book and this author.

I voluntarily read and reviewed this book and this is an honest review.



Posted 3/21/21

Liberty Chosen, with it’s catchy and extremely fitting title, has “chosen” to be in a class of its own. It combines humor (Elani Roman’s wit is impossible to miss), with everyday circumstances. And throws in some hardcore science fiction. While science fiction isn’t this reviewers personal favorite, the premise of book is enough to convert her-for this series. A tragic church shooting opens book and will have gripped reader as soon as 1st page with authors use of imagery-which is displayed from start to finish. Ms. Roman delivers an epic first in a series that is sure to bring readers to sci-fi bliss.


DEBBIE O. ★★★★

Posted 3/21/21


Neela finds herself entered in a tournament for unbounds. She has been entered by her brother's boss, who will be training her for the competition. Neela resists at first - she has no interest in competing in the tournament and doesn't know the man who is to be her trainer. Still, she finds herself on her way to the tournament location, accompanied by her brother and his boss. It turns out that Neela is about to learn a lot about herself, and her brother, and the man who will be her trainer. She also discovers that she doesn't know the domain she lives in as well as she thought either. Then, Neela acquires an enemy during the competition trials, which forces her to accelerate her training to a dangerous degree. I found the beginning of the story a bit hard to connect to - an arrogant teen who harasses others - although she is trying to protect fellow unbounds by doing it. But the characters develop as the story unfolds and draws the reader in, making it hard to put down. I received a copy of this book in return for a review.

unnamed (5).jpg


Posted 1/04/21


The imagery is great in intro AND the ENTIRE book. Really could picture the gas station, Athena and the whole scene. Descriptions author utilizes are spot on! I enjoyed the humor and Athena’s sarcasm. When Athena adds the charges to the bad guys’ rap sheet-TOO FUNNY! Really gave reader a look into her sassy side. Author also relates to reader, which is not an easy chore. So that is also noteworthy. Loved how author closed a chapter with, “went to sleep wondering what would happen tomorrow.” Very familiar feeling I can relate to. There were quite a few spots in book that I felt could have either been elaborated on or omitted. Might make it easier for reader to visualize A couple are: How did Athena turn up 37 secret prison sites? And how did Athena know that girls/women were ‘counting on her?’ Might want to reconfigure that whole thought. I mean I get it-they probably were hoping/praying for intervention of some sort—-but I feel like if author were to elaborate more on that-those parts would flow smoother. All in all “Snatched” is an excellent novel with awesome “bones”. It captivated my attention so much so that I WANTED to read more. Looked forward to reading. And I can honestly say...I am eagerly awaiting the 2nd book in series.



Posted 1/06/21


Secrets can come back to haunt you.


When the action starts, it will keep you on the edge of your seat, wondering if they can escape to safety. Just when you think things are going to be okay, the author throws in another stumbling block for the hero and heroine to overcome. Did I mention secrets? Secrets can come back to haunt you.


SUSAN. ★★★★★

Posted 1/10/21


Riviting GILLIAN IS STRONGER THAN SHE Realizes. The magic is fascinating. I look forward to mote adventures with her and Cullum. The eagle is is awesome!


TAMARA D. ★★★★

Posted 1/10/21


I was given a copy of this book by the author for me to read and review it. My review is honest, and not influenced by anyone.

This book is easy to read. The characters are easy to relate to, and easy to picture. I enjoyed following their stories and learning about each of them. It wasn't too heavy, nor too light. One thing I was not impressed with was the ending. It was as if the author had run out of allowed words, so it ends rather abruptly. I believe it could have been spread out into another chapter or two and still kept the reader wanting more.


CODY P. ★★★★

Posted 1/11/21

I was sent an ARC of this book for my unbiased review.

This is the first book I've read from Rowan St. George and even though there are the common editing errors, I'm fairly impressed with the plot and characters. The storyline is realistic and the characters relatable, so much so you could become paranoid trying to second guess your relationships. I look forward to reading the next chapter of what I hope is a continuing series.



Posted 1/11/21

I really loved reading this book. It was well written and very good reading material. I highly recommend this book and author cause I loved reading the books. I can't wait to read more. I received this book via Vibe Reviews and I am voluntarily leaving my honest review.


JOANNNE H. ★★★★★

Posted 1/11/21


What a enduring love story. A poor family sends out their eldest daughter because they can't feed her. They send her to a where a monster lives. The village pays homage every year so the monster won't come out and hurt them, unknowingly to them he never leaves fortress. Amarrah meets the and monster and is scared, but finally makes friends. Love gets misguided sometimes but has a way of working out. Good reading.

51mOuDEwcEL (1).jpg


Posted 1/12/21


 I love the opening line of the book. The first sentence was so well-crafted that I expected a dynamic and exciting journey.


There are places in the story where I am not sure what the author means. I was thrown out of the story when I needed to stop to look up the meanings of some of the words with non-conventional spelling, or words that had an urban more modern definition. I have a problem with authors who write about experiences that are outside of their own if they attempt to write it as if they understand what the characters are feeling within that culture.. On the other hand, I loved the interaction with Bibi. I could visualize the character. The episode with the chameleon was delightful. At the end I was sorry to see the little chameleon die. It was a great trope that the death of the chameleon was used as foreshadowing. There were very few errors in this book. I found one on page 271. An omission of a single little word in this sentence. “There’s gotta somebody in their city I can call.” It needed the word 'be'.


SUSAN ★★★★★

Posted 1/14/21

Talk about.flying by the seat of your pants, what a ride! Helena must have nerves made of steel. The book is exciting and sexy. Can’t wait to read book 2!


JVLES. ★★★★★

Posted 1/18/21

"Hidden" follows the Destined on a quest to determine what's causing the Spinner's sight to be obscured. They need to go on a journey into regions noone has traveled in a long time (or did they?). Will they be able to defeat the dark shadows awaiting them at the end of this journey?

This series is so underrated. Part two is just as exciting and awesome as the first one was. The world-building is excellent and all the characters are so likable. I did not want this book to stop and can't wait for the next one to be released.

If you like books with adventure, love, an unlikely band of friends and a bunch of paranormal creatures, I highly recommend the books from this series!

I received a free book from the author in exchange for an honest review.



Posted 1/19/21

The story was original and clever, so there’s that. I really liked how at the end of book the “money” tied together. It was definitely a full circle book. With that being said,I am having a hard time understanding why the money was so important. Like I said - I really appreciated/enjoyed the concept of book, AFTER it a was finished.There could have been more emphasis on importance of “money”. I was a little put off by all of the swearing/cussing in book, BUT the more I read the I understood why it was included. If was part of the character development-I get it. Just saying... For originality and cleverness this book received a 4 star review from me.



Posted 1/19/21

Starvation was a difficult read for me as it dealt with eating disorders. Wes McCoy was always considered average in comparison to his older brother Jason. Jason had been accepted into Stanford on a wrestling scholarship but still encouraged Wes to try to meet his own goals. He liked drawing and spent most of his spare time filling sketchpads with his drawings. One afternoon he runs into Caila, a ballerina student. What stood out the most to him was how thin she appeared. Despite encouraging her to eat more, Caila eventually ends up in the hospital needing a liver transplant. Where the donor liver comes from devastates Wes beyond comprehension. This isn't a happy ending type of book.

It has an open ending but the way the story is unique with the before and after moments during Wes's own battle with anorexia. It is a worthwhile read for anyone that wants to see the thoughts of a high school student with an eating disorder and his coping skills.



Posted 1/19/21


It was a good book. As I mentioned in the title, it kept me interested. I’m not too happy with some of the aspects in the book, but that’s because of what I like, not because of the author doing a poor job of writing. I think she did good.


TAMARA D. ★★★★

Posted 1/22/21


Annalise Storm is a spunky, cocky, defiant character. She takes things on head on, wants to make a difference in her world, and gets trampled on every time she turns around. In a world that I don't exactly understand, she is trying to do her job, but realizing that things are not as she may have believed.

Mavel is loyal, loving and entirely an enigma to both the reader and Annalise it seems. I want to see his character develop and learn what is behind his outer shell.

I don't know if it is the formatting or what, but there are many issues with extra letters being added to words, making it hard to focus on the story without getting angry having to decipher the words and sentences.

These are my honest thoughts, and have not been affected by the fact that the author was kind enough to send me a free copy of this book so that I would review it on her behalf.


 TRACY ★★★★

Posted 1/22/21  


Solid 4.5 star read. First of all, I love that cover. Even though Ares and Willow hate each other, they are attracted to each other and will need each other to overcome the conflict that arises. I really enjoyed this story. It was short but had action, a conflict that was completely resolved and character growth. I highly recommend this story, especially if you want a Motorcycle Club read that does not have a lot of fillers.


CHRISTI G. ★★★★★

Posted 1/22/21

I absolutely loved this book! The world building is phenomenal! I could smell the forest and hear the sounds. Murray's storytelling is so vivid without being wordy. The characters are well developed. While this can be read as a stand alone novel I recommend reading the first book and the novella to have a better understanding of the background.

Hidden is a real page turner with a lot of action, some humor, some snark, and epic adventure. I highly recommend

under her spell (1).jpg


Posted 1/24/21


I received an advance review copy for free, and I am leaving this review voluntarily. It was my first attempt at a novel from Elani Roman, who here is drawing a nearly brave new world, Chroma, organized by and around the Cube and the Cubist. The story describes the life of Keme and Kit his brother who share an apartment. Keme enjoys a rather busy life shared between two jobs as an enthusiast history teacher and also museum curator spending his spare time & nights in a torrid relationship with Sephrena his current girlfriend…. Nothing could be any better up to when another outrageously sexy girl or woman(?), Sara, shows up at the museum and desperately displaying her advantages hits at Kit. Things cannot get any better, but perhaps is it the best it gets before growing less idyllic. In the story the hints at the existence of magic slowly creeping in and a demon appears. I have been surprised by the relative immaturity of the male characters and the (sin provoking) women, a rather conformist if not traditionalist view of woman (Eve and the original sin). Unfortunately I have not been really caught by the twist of the appearance of a demonic spirit. I felt the novel, portrayed shallow characters with no specific tangible atmosphere to it. I would like go further with this story if not this world before really committing to a definite opinion….


JACK K. ★★★★

Posted 1/25/21


This book is attempting to do many things at once. It is trying to be a detective story, a science fiction story, a dystopian society story, a “first-job” story, and an adult relationship story. In all honesty, I think the author put too many eggs in this basket. Yes, the result is a solid story, but one that I believe didn’t quite achieve its potential in any of these categories.

Disclaimer: I received a free digital ARC for this novel. However, both the decision to post a review and the contents of the review are voluntary and my own alone.

There are some things liked about this story. For example:

Annalisa is well characterized (perhaps even better than the author intended). Annalisa, the lead character, is the pureblood daughter of a very senior member of the society. The author has done an excellent job of characterizing the sense of “entitlement” and “self-centeredness” that such an individual would have (even though she is somewhat in rebellion against her background and particularly her father – the rebellion is within the context of her entitled role in society rather than outside of it). This is apparent in many places in the story, but is most strongly emphasized in the relationship with Mavel (her beast servant). Throughout the book Annalisa treats Mavel as if she is entitled to have a crush on him (and eventually an intimate relationship with him) without much apparent thought as to his feelings or opinions. In essence, she unconsciously treats Mavel as more of a possession than a person. In reading the book, one is immediately reminded of some of the tensions between masters and slaves in the Antebellum South of the United States, particularly with regard to intimate relations. While there is a gender-flip here (in that the best analogies to the Antebellum South are with regards to White male masters in intimate relations with Black female slaves) the depiction of the relationship between Annalisa and Marvel incorporates many of the same “one-sided” elements. In a lot of ways, this realistic depiction of Annalisa is perhaps the best feature of the story.

Interesting dystopian society: The author has introduced a simplified dystopian society (with some science fiction elements) by creating two basic class of humans, the “purebloods” and the “modded”. The “modded” are genetically modified and further divided into beasts (strong), alabasters (beautiful), flares (possessed of unusual mental powers) and basilisks (poisonous). Further, the author has divided the city into Gold, Silver and Bronze districts (largely inhabited by purebloods) and Green, Red and Black districts (largely inhabited by the modded). As the power in society is controlled by the purebloods, the ordering of the districts follows logically from the names, with Golden being the most elite, and Black and Red being the least elite. Somewhat like the Hunger Games, this simplified society provides a (relatively) intuitive background to the story that does not require extensive world-building to be understood by the reader.

Things that I struggled with:

Likability (or perhaps relatability) of the main characters. I found Annalisa to be very difficult to either like or relate to. Now, there is no requirement that the lead character be likable! (A whole lot of excellent books would go by the wayside if this were true!) However, my sense is the book is weakened because of this. Mavel is probably the closest to a likable character, but his character is not developed with the strength it could be given the background of the story. Too often in the story Mavel comes across as the “cardboard cutout” that Annalisa clearly perceives him to be. In some ways, Annalisa’s character sets up a tremendous opportunity for Mavel’s character (and the tensions around the Mistress to Beast interaction) to be the focal point of the story, and the author does not take advantage of that.

Possession confusion. The book opens with what appears to be a description of a pureblood being possessed. Later in the book Marvel is accused of being possessed. Annalisa’s job is with the Human Possession Department. However, nowhere in the book are any of these pieces actually connected. There is no conversation where possession is discussed or debated (so the reader can understand it better), and there is no inkling of whether beasts or purebloods are immune (or targeted for that matter). The last few paragraphs of the book provide the best clues, “I thought it was an easy matter of beast possession. You know, obvious suspect, obvious crime.” However, it sure would have helped to have had more information on this earlier! (By the way, even after reading the book, and writing this, I still haven’t figured out why the introduction appears to be a possessed pureblood rather than a possessed beast. This may be obvious to everybody else, but it sure wasn't obvious to me!)

4168DOdFkeL._SY346_ (2).jpg

JULIE M. ★★★★★

Posted 1/26/21

I am so impressed with this book. I cannot believe it is Jeffrey's first book. I It took me only 2 days to finish, the characters are so well rounded, and real. I could picture each one in my mind. JFor me to do that the story has to be amazing!! Jeffrey's, imagination is beyond amazing. I can't wait for your next next book. The last book that impressed me like the was Stephen King's The Stand." Keep up the wonderful work!!

under her spell (1).jpg

DEBBIE O. ★★★★

Posted 1/26/21


"Under Her Spell" is a prequel to "The Chroma Chronicles". Chroma is a single, fused continent created over former eras of chaos - both from natural disasters and of human conflict. Humanity finally decided to try a new way of living - one based on the edicts of the Ancient Cube. These edicts promoted greater peace on the planet and this extended out into the rest of the surrounding universe. People no longer judged others by skin color or other superficial qualities. However, I was disappointed to learn that people are still grouped by the color of their personality. The prequel doesn't contain enough information to determine whether this is just another way to divide humans. I'm intrigued enough by this culture's connections to the Akashic Records and acceptance of gifts related to the natural, metaphysical and supernatural worlds to want to continue reading "The Chroma Chronicles".


Keme (Kem) and Kit are brothers living on Chroma in this society - they share a cubedel (living quarters) in an area designated for young adults. Kit is older and is a Councilman. Younger brother Kem is a part time Museum Curator and a part time high school history teacher - both jobs being the result of his love of his people's history. Kit and Kem come from a long line of Cubist Masters and his brother Kit, being the oldest, is training to take his grandfather's place. (Their father was killed a short time previous to this story.)


A source of possible conflict is revealed during a scene where Kem is teaching his history class. He describes Man-clouds as shape shifters and tells his class that they can take human form. They use this to try to discover the well kept secrets of the Ancient Cube edicts and use this information for their own nefarious ends.


As the story continues, one begins to wonder about the new ladies in Kit's and Kem's lives, while understanding that the brothers will likely have a role to play in the conflict with the Man-clouds.


I would have given this a 5 star rating as the story sounds very interesting, and the scenes in Kem's history classes, his time in the museum and his relationship with his mom and grandfather are compelling. Dropped in here and there though are scenes with his lady, and although they contribute to the story line, occasionally break up the flow of the story. There is also a lot use of slang terms - again, sometimes interrupting the flow of the story while I tried to determine how to decipher them. This is not a criticism of slang terms - many good writers use them. I also think that there many readers who wouldn't be stopped by the terms because they would understand them. Both of these aspects contribute to the story. The slang needs a bit of surrounding context to help those of us struggling to understand the references. The relationships of Kit and Kem to their ladies needs a less abrupt handling in places.


I understand these criticisms are easier to state than to solve, and I'm not a writer, so I'm not sure I can offer constructive help. :-}


I am looking forward to reading more though, and hope that "The Chroma Chronicles" will provide more of the interesting concepts and ideas introduced in "Under Her Spell".



Posted 1/27/21


The author sure puts a lot of stumbling blocks in front of Annalise, making her job incredibly more difficult and stressful than it should be. What started out as a simple murder, is spiralling out of control and nothing seems to be adding up. She’s stubborn, feisty and out to prove herself. There’s lots of danger, action and forbidden romance to keep you entertained from start to finish.


TRACY H. ★★★★

Posted 1/28/21


Annalise is a fiery character set out to prove how capable she is at her job and Marvel, her servant, hides his feelings to protect her from danger which softens the story at times. Great detective story with a character twist although I did find some of the character rights confusing at times.

Looking forward to reading what May Freighter has in store next.


KAYE ★★★★★

Posted 1/29/21

Blazing blizzards boo! Rowan unleashes one badass slam dunk with this incredible tilt-her-world, oozing all the simmering heat, flaming passion and a bubbling cauldron of molten desire, catapulting this hot little jewel to staggering heights. Temperament and ingenuity in each thread you unravel with every page, your lured into this wicked web so intricately and precise, attentive to the deadly twists and perilous turns unfolding, confiding secrets, unearthing revelations and declaring promises, wrapping this gem up sleek, shiny and tight. Shenanigans and mishaps descend in a tempest of calculating maneuvers and cunning strategy, sketchy lines and blurred perimeters solidify as limitations are amplified and tested, reaching deep for every ounce of strength in a fierce surge of determination, propelling this bad boy to life brilliantly. The attraction and chemistry collides with such intensity and ardor, exploding with boundless emotions and infinite affections, binding them to one another flawlessly. The characters are complex, genuine and realistic with traits and qualities that balance and blend, with amazing depth and diversity with enough spice to add an extra kick to the mix. The scenes are abundantly descriptive with colorful details that blend and flow, creating a majestic backdrop that's so rich and lively it feels as though you're part of the story instead of on the sidelines, feeling everything the characters feel. Fabulous job Rowan, thanks for sharing this awesome little gem with us.

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Posted 2/01/21


I can not express how much I need to get my hands on the sequel to this book! The history teacher/museum curator Kem starts out the story in a by the book manner. His brother Kit, is more reckless but is considered to have great magical strength. Kem has fallen in love with Sephena, while he sees his brother Kit flirting with a more dangerous woman from a different area of Chroma. One night, Kit wakes Kem up to go to a party. They arrive and the world that Kem knows gets flipped upside down. What happened? Read this prequel. Elani Roman builds high suspense all the way to the end. I know this is a series I won't want to miss reading.


DEBBIE O. ★★★★★

Posted 2/02/21


I don't even know where to start with this review. This book was mind blowing with your purebloods, modded people, genetically engineered servant, Movel, Annalise and her father, the politician. It's such an extremely busy book, your mind need to strap in just to handle the ride. But then, that is what makes this such an incredible read. My heart went out to Annalise. Talk about a full plate, she's working on solving her first case, she's carrying the secret that she's in love with her genetically engineered servant, she is under pressure from her father wanting her to marry some rich guy to help his career and the gifts just keep on giving. This is an exceptional book. I truly hope more readers take the opportunity to experience this. I highly recommend this book and this author. Remember if you want to read a book you can't put down, you have to pick it up first.

I voluntarily read and reviewed this book and this is an honest review.


TRACY. ★★★★

Posted 2/02/21


This was a fast-paced book. Poor Samantha's life is turned upside down by the actions of another and her life is in danger, her fate really is twisted. Whats in store.....cant wait to read the next book in the series.

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Posted 2/05/21


A well written prequel that makes you want to follow the story onwards, interesting characters, mystical creatures and magic. A little confusing in parts but a good one.
I received a complimentary copy from the author and am leaving a voluntary honest review

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Posted 2/08/21


Genetic research project?  That caught my attention right away.   I was not sure how pregnant women and genetic research were going to tie together with a broken down FBI agent in witness protection.  

I soon learned that Athena would take me through an emotional and entertaining journey of being captured right along with the women and girls she was trying to rescue.  Her character was very relatable.  I could honestly feel the pain she felt as well as her determination to escape.  The author also took me through SW Colorado with his descriptions of everywhere the characters went throughout the book, definitely will be reading book 2nd one in the series.  I need to know more about the Uber Babies and what will happen with Athena.

I received this book via Vibe Reviews and voluntarily read and reviewed this book. It is an honest review.


MARIEL ★★★★★

Posted 2/09/21


I received a copy from the author and I am voluntarily leaving a review.

Bronwyn, or Bryn as she would rather be known as, lives in the town of Skeg, not far from Stonehenge. She comes from a poor family, consisting of her sick mother and her five siblings. Her father is now dead from working in the mines and her older brother Lukas follows in his footsteps.

Raven-haired and amber-eyed, malnourished due to the famine that ravages the land,she often feels guilty for not holding down a proper job like her brother wants her to. Other girls work as a seamstress but Bryn has no time for that or even the girls for that matter. She resents the expectation so she refuses leaving Lukas to be the sole coin earner as their mother wastes away. Bryn only wants to pursue her own “ career “, that of thieving. She finds it fun and exciting, a need embedded within her and in her own way she provides what she can by stealing, thus obtaining her nickname, “ The Raven Thief “.

Not only is she adept at stealing, she also is the only member of her family in all its history to wield magic...although wield is a strong word as she can't yet control it nevertheless the electricity flows through her veins.But on the day that Lukas dies and Lilac her younger sister risks losing her hand, everything changes. Brother North appears as if from nowhere and whisks her away towards the Foreboding Mountains. It is for the best, she tells herself..or so she hopes.

This is the first fantasy book in the Song and Storm Trilogy and I thoroughly enjoyed it, having exactly the right amount of romance, excitement and thrill all entwined together. This book has it all, wonderfully written with endearing characters. Bryn with her wild side that needs taming, not knowing what it is to have friends or be in love. She easily falls for the handsome North who she feels she can trust, after all what other choice does she have?
Complete with an amazing cover ( which makes sense after reading the book ), I can't wait to read Book 2 and discover if Bryn finally learns to harness her power and become someone to be reckoned with!

I note Song of Storms 5 out of 5 stars.


DIVYA R. ★★★★

Posted 2/10/21


This was a nicely written book that follows the adventures of Dawn and her grandmother after their boat capsizes at sea. The development of the character Dawn from a reckless self absorbed person to a mature and responsible one is well portrayed. The magical adventures that she encounters along the way make for an entertaining read. I received a free copy of the book and this is my voluntary and honest review.