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Professional copy editing and final proofing

Beta-reading, comments on consistency and probable appeal, suggestions regarding structure and plot, line editing. Advice regarding self-editing, cover pages, all writers' support services.

Manuscript Formatting for all platforms in eBook and print as standard.


YA | mystery | dystopian fiction editing services. Developmental, line and copy editing and proofreading.

 Editing (Structural, line editing and proofreading) and hybrid publishing services

Proofreading, editing, copy editing and beta reading

I provide the following services for writers: Content editing Line editing Copy editing Proofreading Graphic design for books

** Translation services: Get a quote to translate your book into Spanish. Translation fees will include copyediting services and a translation of the book's description as well as the author's biography.

** Copyediting services: Have you already had your book translated? Have the translation reviewed by another professional. No matter how great each of us is at our job, a new set of eyes will always find something to correct or improve. It happens to authors; it happens to translators.

** Book promotion: The ease of an English language platform that allows you to add your books to a Spanish language website for Spanish-speaking readers.

 I offer a vast array of services on both a short -term and long -term basis. These services vary and can be adapted to your individual needs. 1) Personal Assistant- packages will be built to your individual needs so prices will vary. 2) Marketing- weekly or monthly marketing posts, weekly or monthly social media posts on the platform of your choice, one or two week new release blitz. 3) Social Media- author webpage, Instagram creation, Facebook Group, Author fan page, Twitter, monthly maintenance of site(s). 4) Graphics- Individual or group graphic packages (teasers, release countdown graphics, promotional graphics) available. 5) Proofreading- 36 hour turnaround available. Proofreading package includes content checking, spellchecking and grammatical checks. I ask that the document be sent to me in a Word Document so that I can include notes in the margins. I will return the document to you in an email with a summary include for your reference. My services does not take the place of a professional editor.

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